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Zephyranthes Labuffarosea

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Important Product Notes:
Genus: Zephyranthes
Cultivar: Labuffarosea
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Nickname: Rain Lily or Fairy Lily
Bulbs per sq. foot: 8 to 10
Soil Moisture: wet average
Catalogue: Spring Planted
Bulbs: 7, 8, 9, Mid Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall, White, Pink, Full Sun, Part Shade, 7" - 12", Pest Proof, Pest Resistant, Dry, Average, Wet
Other Categories: Cutting/Picking, Naturalizes
Site Specific Options: Container Use, Meadows
Ship Categories: Spring Planted shipped 3-15 to 6-15
Zephyranthes Labuffarosea has beautifully overlapping petals that open rose pink and mature to white with yellow stamens nestled in the center; 7"-12"; winter hardiness zone 7-9.

Native to Mexico Colombia and Guatemala these starry upfacing crocus-like flowers appear several times a season especially after a rain on 8-12" stems. The main show which is generally in August-September is fantastic especially coming up through ground covers and its narrow foliage is almost invisible. It makes a great edging plant since its strap leaves resemble Liriope but it doesn't smother other plants. These pest proof bulbs don't seem to be picky about the soil but they are happier in full sun; will grow in pots in the water, too; 5/7 cm bulbs; 8-10 per sq. ft.; winter hardiness zone 7-10 unless otherwise noted.  For zones 4-6, try growing in pots and in the winter, keep dry and from freezing when dormant.

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