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versicolor - very unusual burgundy rimmed white flowers; new for us!

Although Oxalis is a great garden plant, we find that it survives our winters better when it's planted in the spring with other summer bulbs, allowing it the opportunity to become well established before the cold weather sets in. Since it is also a most adaptable houseplant as well, we've decided that this is the best section for these bulbs to be offered for fall planting. Next spring, after danger of frost, they can then be transplanted into your garden to enjoy for the rest of the gardening season. They form lovely 8"-10" mounds of clover-like leaves with 5-petaled flowers that open wide in the sun; non-invasive, excellent bedding and border plant as well as an all season, forgiving houseplant; foliage is very attractive and perfect 'shoes and socks' companion plant to cover the bare soil around the ankles of all of your larger indoor potted plants; pest resistant; sun to shade; topsized bulbs unless noted.

Oxalis - versicolor
Product Code: 35-0107
Genus: Oxalis
Cultivar: versicolor
Family: Oxalidaceae
Nickname: Shamrock or Wood Sorrell
5 bulbs for $8.60
25 bulbs for $36.75
50 bulbs for $66.00
250 bulbs for $302.50
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Bulbs Per Sq Foot: 10 to 15
Color: White
Height: Up To 12"
Sun vs Shade: Part Shade
Soil Moisture: Average
Zones: 7, 8, 9
B&B Favorites: Yes
Deer/Rodent Resistant: Yes
Indoor Bulb: Yes
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Oxalis - versicolor, 35-0107, Oxalis, versicolor. . . . . . .. . . . . .

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