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Cranberry Star - a light, bright caladium with dark green veins and reddish splotches throughout; one that would combine beautifully with many in this group; 6" - 12".

Spectacular, colorful South American native, suitable for full shade, but also performs very satisfactorily with a constant, tiny bit of drip irrigation in our full-sun garden. New hybrids (Florida series) are being bred with more substance and thicker leaves to help withstand the hot summer sun so they can ultimately be planted anywhere! We've also found that the leaves work remarkably as filler material in flower arrangements and make a right proper 'cut and come again' plant. The only finicky thing about them is that they HATE being planted in cool soil, but should be planted right away when you receive them. So you need to start them inside in little pots, giving them base heat (heating pad, heat tape, etc.). Once the ground warms up to ~60F at ~6"'s, it's a good time to plant them. Gives lasting color all summer everywhere and is less expensive than an annual! (Tip: It will kill you to do it, but when the first sprout emerges, break it off! It will encourage your plant to give you many more leaves than it would if you let it grow on its own!) Top sized #1 tubers are about 1 1/2" -2 1/2" in diameter; plant 1 per sq. ft.; zones 10-11; super summertime performer in any area that has summer heat.

Caladium - Cranberry Star
Product Code: 60-49
This item requires special care.
Genus: Caladium
Cultivar: Cranberry Star
Family: Araceae
Nickname: Angel Wings, Elephant Ears
This selection is no longer available
Information is provided for reference.
Color: White, Red, Green
Height: Up To 12"
Origin: South America
Flowering Time: Early Summer, Mid Summer, Late Summer
Sun vs Shade: Full Sun, Part Shade
Soil Moisture: Wet, Average
Zones: 10, 11
Deer/Rodent Resistant: Yes
Container Use: Yes
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Robert Kent

Caladium - Cranberry Star, 60-49, Caladium, Cranberry Star.

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