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speckles of red on yellow flowers like the paint from his brush; really cool! 2'-4'.

Big, bold and colorful, with heights ranging from 2'-10', the Canna is one of the most versatile and cost effective perennials for the southern garden. They flower in the heat of mid-late summer when many other plants give out. These lush plants, reminiscent of the banana, give areas of the garden the mysterious and romantic feeling of the tropics, while they actually take on the role of the summer garden 'bones' and backdrop. The smaller cultivars, however, fit in nicely in the middle of the garden among other perennials and are excellent centerpieces for patio planters. With lance-shaped leaves of green, burgundy and even multi-colored stripes along with flowers of bright red, yellow, coral and multi-colors, the possibilities are endless as to where and with what combinations cannas can be planted. They are even happy planted in a pot submerged in a pond. We even use the leaves as well as the flowers as accents in flower arrangements! NOTE: 'Self-cleaning' means that they drop their spent flowers without assistance. 3-5 eye tuberous rootstocks; plant 10"-18" apart; whz 7-10; treat as an annual or container plant, starting indoors with bottom heat in zones 3-6 because they hate cool soil! (Note: 'self-cleaning'=dropping spent flowers w/o assistance). Note: Because of the virus in many cannas in years past, our list is smaller because we are only offering ones we feel are virus-free which include 'virus-free' tissue culture plugs that we are growing here.

Canna - Picasso
Product Code: 61-30
Genus: Canna
Cultivar: Picasso
Family: Cannaceae
Nickname: Indian Shot
This selection is no longer available
Information is provided for reference.
Color: Yellow, Red
Height: 32" And Up
Origin: United States
Flowering Time: Mid Summer
Sun vs Shade: Full Sun
Soil Moisture: Wet, Average
Zones: 7, 8, 9, 10
Deer/Rodent Resistant: Yes
Container Use: Yes
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Canna - Picasso, 61-30, Canna, Picasso. . .

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