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'Friendship' - smooth, soft pink flower, becoming paler, almost white, towards the center with a yellow heart; delicate-looking but a strong grower.

An old-fashioned flower originally from Africa, that has reclaimed its place in the flower border and as a cut flower. Colorful blossoms alternating up tall stems, come in a myriad of colors and offer linear structure to the back of the garden. Glads prefer full sun, well drained soil and sometimes need to be staked to keep them from falling over. We've found that they often stand up nicely when planted deeply or when grown with other strong, sturdy plants that act as a trellis for them. Plant at one week intervals to extend bloom season; top sized corms. Standard varieties are 18"-36" and smaller varieties are 12"-24". 14+cm bulbs. Whz 8-10; (7b when we plant deeper and mulch).

Gladiolus - Friendship
Product Code: 73-14
Genus: Gladiolus
Cultivar: Friendship
Family: Iridaceae
This selection is no longer available
Information is provided for reference.
Color: Pink
Height: 24" To 32", 32" And Up
Origin: Africa
Flowering Time: Mid Summer
Sun vs Shade: Full Sun
Soil Moisture: Average
Zones: 8, 9, 10
B&B Favorites: Yes
Cutting/Picking: Yes
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Gladiolus - Friendship, 73-14, Gladiolus, Friendship. . .

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