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Advance - pure white flowers with yellow stripes in the throat; leaves are bright green; late spring flowering; 1932.

With the center part of the flower resembling the cup or corona and six petals surrounding it, this flower looks very much like a daffodil blooming in the summer on leafless stalks! Grown for its unique sculptural quality that it brings to the outdoor or container garden, as well as its marvelous fragrance, this 18"-24" flower, is native to the Americas. Some species occur naturally in grasslands and rocky habitats and others in sub tropical marshy areas. This pest-proof bulb is great for the Evening Garden. 1-3 per sq. ft.; zones 8-10; has overwintered in our zone 7 garden with extra winter mulch.

Hymenocallis - Advance
Product Code: 79-06
Genus: Hymenocallis
Cultivar: Advance
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Nickname: Peruvian Daffodil
This selection is no longer available
Information is provided for reference.
Color: White
Height: 12" To 24"
Origin: South America
Flowering Time: Early Summer
Sun vs Shade: Full Sun, Part Shade
Soil Moisture: Average
Zones: 8, 9, 10
Deer/Rodent Resistant: Yes
Pest Proof: Yes
Container Use: Yes
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Hymenocallis - Advance, 79-06, Hymenocallis, Advance. . .

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