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regnellii var. triangularis 'Mijke' - a rich, vibrant burgundy/purple leafed plant; a bit slower to emerge and mature but worth the wait.

These non-invasive natives of South Africa and South America produce mostly 5 petaled flowers on 3, sometimes 4 leafed plants that make wonderful mounds in our garden from June-October. They're particularly wonderful in partial shade, but don't seem fussy about being in full sun even during our hot, humid summers. They also are effective 'shoes and socks' plants with larger bulbs and perennials in the garden, in patio planters and around the edges of houseplants; 10 per sq. ft.; zone 7-10. Top sized bulbs and tubers.

Oxalis - regnellii var. triangularis 'Mijke'
Product Code: 88-08
Genus: Oxalis
Cultivar: regnellii var. triangularis 'Mijke'
Family: Oxalidaceae
Nickname: Shamrock
10 bulbs for $6.30
50 bulbs for $27.00
100 bulbs for $49.00
500 bulbs for $220.00
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Bulbs Per Sq Foot: 10
Color: Pink, Purple
Height: Up To 12"
Origin: South America
Flowering Time: Early Summer, Mid Summer, Late Summer, Fall
Sun vs Shade: Full Sun, Part Shade, Full Shade
Soil Moisture: Average
Zones: 7, 8, 9, 10
Deer/Rodent Resistant: Yes
Container Use: Yes
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Oxalis - regnellii var. triangularis 'Mijke', 88-08, Oxalis, regnellii var. triangularis 'Mijke'. . . . . . .. .

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